What Is The Story of the European Ninja League® ?

We are two successful and highly motivated participants of (Team) Ninja Warrior Germany, who made it already into the finals. We also have a third member, wo is the the athletic director for (Team) Ninja Warrior Germany & Ninja Warrior Switzerland, Our passion for sports and especially for Ninja-like events made us hungry for more:

We want to make this new kind of sports accessible to everyone who is interested.

Over time, we gained a lot of experience in being active participants in the shows and local competitions, but also in acting behind the scenes of these events. In collaboration with other companies, we already organized many Ninja events within Europe, e.g. Minga-Warrior or FIBO2018.

But this is not enough – at least not for us!

Why not creating a league system which is accessible to everyone? This way, all athletes are able to track their own progress but have also the chance of keeping up with others in a constant comparison. Additionally, it is a perfect opportunity to practice and grow abilities for upcoming events, like the TV shows, on a regular basis.

This is why we founded the European Ninja League ® .