Who Is Behind The European Ninja League?


Mirko Künstler

Head Referee, Athletic Director

Team member Mirko tried many different kinds of sports like tennis, karate, gymnastics and dancing. But nothing fully satisfied his sportive needs. When 19 years old, parkour became his passion which he successfully turned into a profession. Later on, bouldering fell into line as well as - most currently - Ninja sports. For Mirko, it is essential to try new things while exercising and to find sportive challenges. This variety of course turns out be very helpful when taking part in the Ninja Warrior competitions.


Isabell Sabellek

Head Contact, Organisation, Communication, Finance

Global Calisthenics athlete and personal trainer. Ninja Warrior since season 1 of Ninja Warrior Germany. Specialised in Ninja Sports, bodyweight training, mobility and injury rehab & prevention. And if you want to learn pull-ups: She is your girl! Her Passion is also to help other to improve their Ninja skills and allover have a healthy life. Next to Ninja, also attended in the tv show "broken skull challenge".


Florian Schiffer

Head Of Obstacles & Parkour Building

Flo is the owner of Stuntwerk Cologne - the mecca of Ninja Sports in Cologne. Currently he is building new Stuntwerk facilities in Rosenheim, Kirchheim & Krefeld to bring more "meccas" closer to you. Next to his work as a CEO for 3D Sportanlagen Bau & Ninja Obstacles he is the athletic director for Ninja Warrior Germany & Ninja Warrior Switzerland. Besides his passion for bouldering & fun Ninja stuff he has two incredible adorable kids and is living in the beautiful Bavaria.