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Switzerland has (we think so) the COOLEST and BIGGEST Ninja Warrior gym!!! OVERGROUND BASEL
And we will hold a competition there.
There are super cool and brand new obstacles and besides this, you can try out all the other stuff in the gym.

ATTENTION! This is the JUNIOR competition which ist from the age group 9-12 & 13-15

Slot 1 starts with 18 athletes at 9:30 AM
Slot 2 starts with 17 athletes at 11:00 AM
End of the competition will be approx 5 pm
(we reserve the right to make changes)

The MAXIMUM of athletes will be 35.

Event rules:

  • there is a certificate requirement at Overground Basel. Which means you need to be vaccinated, recovered or tested!
  • you can stay at OVERGROUND BASEL after your official check-in the whole day
  • every Ninja will complete 2 stages and will be judged by points.
  • during your run, there is only 1 more person allowed to film you in the Parcours
  • persons allowed in the parcours during the stages: max 4 people of the ENL, the athlete and one person who will record you.
  • please follow all orders from ENL and Overground staff
  • if you want to bring audience, they have to bring a certificate, too and have to pay the daily entrance.

Please note, your registration is valid after purchase. You will have a safe starting position only with payment of the entry fee.

Cancellation Policy: Free of charge until three weeks before the event (24.10.21), three to one week(s) before the event: 50% cancellation fee, less than 7 days before the event, no cancellations are possible. You always can transfer the ticket to another athlete. 

If you have any questions about our event, please do not hesitate to contact us at euninjaleague@gmail.com

You’ll get the confirmation within the next 48 hours!


16 and older, under 16